MaxBack Buys Broken iPhones!

MaxBack Buys Broken iPhones

We pay the most too!

When you upgrade from a broken iPhone to a more pristine model, sell the old one to us. Go through the online MaxBack quote process and select "Broken". We'll give you the best and most current price for your device. Please note that the newer the device the more we pay.

How do we define "Broken"?

The short answer is that if your iPhone is complete but has water damage, functional or physical problems that prevent it from working properly we consider it to be broken.

The long answer is that an iPhone is considered broken if any one of these apply to your device:

  • Power Issues: Does not power on, charge, or hold a charge
  • Network Issues: Such as cannot complete a test call, WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS issues
  • Broken Screen: Cracked or broken LCD screen or glass that adversely affect the functionality of the touchscreen
  • Button Problems: Missing or defective buttons (power, home, ringer, volume)
  • Housing Separated: Housing pulling apart or device is otherwise complete but not intact
  • Software Glitches: Anything that prevents full functionality of device or alteration of the software such as "rooting" or "jailbreaking"
  • Hardware Damaged: Broken or cracked hardware (charging ports, casing, headphone jack, speakers, microphone, etc.)

If your device is broken beyond any value, unfixable, you can still send it to us for free and we'll recycle it responsibly.

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